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Design basis for a spray-bake automatic painting production line

This project is a spray-bake automatic painting production line, which is planned according to the customer's process flow, product size, production, coating properties, curing time and temperature. The planning and layout of the project fully consider production, people flow, logistics, production tempo, and take into account the convenience of equipment maintenance, the purpose is to improve operational efficiency, improve product quality, and can significantly reduce production costs and reduce pollutant emissions, Thereby improving the market competitiveness of products. The one spray-bake coating line project mainly includes chain-type table conveyor system, electrostatic dust removal system, automatic spraying system, coating baking system, exhaust gas treatment system, dust-free compartment, and workpiece rotation system. The design of the wire body is mainly determined according to the workpiece. The material of the workpiece is plastic parts. The size of the workpiece is Φ60-230mm. The product conveying mode is countertop continuous conveying. The spraying operation mode is reciprocating mechanism or 4-axis 6-axis mechanism online. Automatic spraying, the process speed is at least 3.0m/min (1-5m/min variable frequency adjustable), the distance between fixtures is 101.6mm; (parameter adjustment needs to be filed). The automatic spraying equipment in the spraying line is composed of five parts, namely automatic dusting cabinet, automatic spraying chamber, curing furnace, cooling room, spray gun system and total system. The temperature, humidity and cleanliness control of each process is also very important. For example, the baking zone is equipped with far-infrared electric heating, up to 80 °C, and the cleanliness is 10,000. The electrostatic precipitator area and the spray area and the cooling area are relatively clean. Lower, more than 10,000 can be, and the upper and lower parts of the area require a higher level of cleanliness, requiring 100,000. Of course, the cleanliness of the paint shop is mainly based on the customer's process requirements.

The robotic automated production demonstration line project for furniture manufacturing started

On October 14th, the national key R&D plan led by Nantong Yuetong CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. was launched, “Robot Automated Production Demonstration Line for Customized Woodwork Furniture Manufacturing”. Liu Chengliang, professor and project responsibility expert of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Jin Yaping, deputy general manager of the Engineering Development Technology Co., Ltd., president of China Forestry Machinery Association, Liu Qun, chairman of China Fuma Group, Gu Guobiao, secretary of Hai'an Municipal Committee, Municipal Committee Deputy Secretary, Mayor Yu Lizhong, Zhou Zongquan, Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Executive Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Development Zone, Yan Changjiang, Party Secretary of Chengdong Town, Xiao Zhengming, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, Liu Zhiguo, member of the Party Committee of the Municipal Government, Experts from universities and research institutes such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yanshan University, Northeast Forestry University, and Chinese Academy of Forestry, as well as relevant leaders from the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province and the Science and Technology Bureau of Nantong City attended the launching ceremony. The “Robot Automated Production Demonstration Line for Customized Woodwork Furniture Manufacturing” project has been awarded the special project of “Intelligent Robot”, a national key R&D plan, focusing on enterprises and schools with rich experience and independent innovation in the field of manufacturing and research of specialized robots and general robots. The backbone of the Institute, trying to solve the scientific problems of "multi-station, multi-robot efficient coordination mechanism", and finally achieve breakthroughs in key technologies such as "customized rapid design, optimized scheduling and full process intelligent control". In his speech, Yu Lizhong introduced the economic and social development and technological innovation of Hai'an City. He said that the national key R&D plan is a major measure for the Party Central Committee and the State Council to implement an innovation-driven development strategy. The “Intelligent Robot” special project led by the Yuetong CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. of our city has achieved zero breakthrough in the selection of national key R&D projects. He hopes that Yuetong CNC will play a leading role as a leader, seriously organize the implementation of the project, and strive to build a core competitiveness, and strive to become a model for the innovation and development of the city's enterprises. Yu Lizhong said that the municipal party committee and the municipal government will do their best to provide various services, strive to create a good environment, and actively provide all-round support for project implementation. It is hoped that leaders and experts will give more care and guidance to Hai'an, further expand cooperation areas, increase cooperation, and strive for cooperation to achieve new and greater results. The meeting read out the list of the project's overall group, technical expert group, and user committee, and issued a letter of appointment for the "two groups of one committee" experts. Liu Chengliang introduced the project management approach.

How to install solar street light panels? Pay attention to these 4 points!

The solar street light mainly receives light through the panel to realize the subsequent photoelectric conversion, and successfully makes the light source bright. If the battery board is not installed, it is likely that the desired lighting effect will not be achieved.
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